Tuesday 12 May 2020


If you want to give your home a competitive edge in the current housing market, you need to consider the improvements that will add value. Hardwood floors is a great renovation choice because it can offer a substantial return on investment and boost your home's selling value.

Let us look at why this kind of hardwood flooring is a worthy investment and what you can do to allow it to improve your home's worth.

Greater Resale Value

Homes with hardwood floors demand higher prices than those with lookalike floors or carpeting. In a survey that has been implemented by the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA), over 90 percent of those responding agents agreed that hardwood flooring raise the resale value of houses. Twelve percent of those agents said they raise a home's value by over 10 percent.

Greater Marketability

Hardwood flooring is preferred by renters and homebuyers across america. HGTV named it as the top request among people looking for a home. The NAR (National Association of Realtors) found that 54 percent of homebuyers have been ready to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors increase the likelihood of your house selling quicker. An NWFA survey found that there was almost universal agreement among real estate brokers that hardwood floors makes it easier to sell a home. Of these agents, 82 percent said the flooring helps a house sell faster.

Ways to Raise Your House's Worth with Hardwood Flooring

Now you know why hardwood flooring are an superb home improvement job, what you ought to understand next are the measures that you can take to make sure they increase the worth of your property.

Install fresh hardwood floors

Professional hardwood flooring installation can enable you to get a fantastic return on your investment.

If your current hardwood floors has pet stains, then replace the affected sections with fresh pieces. As soon as they're refinished, these new bits will not be conspicuous.

Refinish existing floors

If you already have hardwood floors, but they look dull and beaten up, many potential buyers will get the impression that you’ve neglected your home. They’re also likely to get hidden problems during the inspection that will prevent them from making an offer.

Be sure to sand and refinish your existing floors to restore them to good-as-new condition and add real value to your home that’s beyond aesthetic appeal. Most real agents say you can get a threefold return on this investment.

If there’s hardwood under your carpet, remove the carpet to reveal the wood floor and refinish it. It’s usually more expensive to re-carpet than to refinish hardwood.

Add hardwood floors to key rooms

There are certain rooms where people prefer to have hardwood, such as the living room, family room, and dining room. Hardwood flooring in the kitchen is also desirable because it’s easy to clean. Many people also prefer the flooring in the master bedroom. You can get back twofold from this investment.

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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Site Finished Hardwood Or Prefinished Hardwood Flooring?

Are you in the process of arranging a hardwood floor project? Are you restyling a room in your home or finishing off a construction job? Either way, we only know you are going to have lots of queries on your listing. Should you plump for engineered wood flooring or solid wood? What species could work best in your area or your house overall? What about the caliber of wood? Is it worth stretching your budget for a prime grade or would rustic save money and include a great deal of charm? All of these questions and more are likely to be on your mind. But one issue that our customers often don't give much thought to is if they ought to elect for site completed wood, or prefinished hardwood flooring. If that is something that you have missed, then we would encourage you to give it some thought now.

Website finished hardwood floors, as its name implies, is hardwood floors that's delivered to you with no finish. Regardless of whether you choose solid or engineered hardwood flooring if you choose an unfinished option, then it will effectively arrive at its'bare' state; with no finish at all. On the flip side, Engineered hardwood floors arrives already with its finish in place. Typically, when you choose prefinished hardwood flooring, the end which you pick will be implemented to exacting standards at the close of the hardwood flooring manufacturing process, which means that you may rest assured it will be uniform and constant in its look and the security it provides your flooring.

Great reasons to Select site finished hardwood Floors

The choice between taking delivery of a flooring that's prepared to lay and after laid will be prepared to get your furniture pretty much right away, along with a floor that must be completed after it is laid appears as a no-brainer. But, there are particular conditions when a website completed floor works out best. If, by way of instance, you're buying a high budget, craftsman made floors option that is costing you thousands of thousands, the chance is you'll need the luxury of this craftsman performing at the finishing touches of this end onsite.

Website finished hardwood floors is also a fantastic idea if you are considering going in the likes of carpeting, carpeting, carpeting everywhere to hardwood floors for your very first time. Nevertheless, in the latter scenario, we'd assert that with the perfect advice and decision-making procedure, you need to be able to ascertain which prefinished choice will work best, saving you the bother of onsite completing.

Good reasons to choose Engineered hardwood Floors

Prefinished hardwood flooring, as we have already mentioned is delivered into your house prepared
to lay, and after it's laid, you can pretty much get your life back to normal. This is probably the top reason why prefinished hardwood floors is such a great choice. Thereafter, when you choose prefinished hardwood floors, you are aware that the finish you choose on your new flooring is going to have been employed by professionals and is going to have the quality of program you anticipate. So, basically, if you're searching for an easier life and the peace of mind of a fantastic end result, we would encourage you to opt for prefinished hardwood floors each moment.

Some great Engineered hardwood Floors Choices

At Catford Floor Sanding , we are huge fans of prefinished hardwood floors, so it is hard to choose our Top 3 favourites, however, here are 3 choices that work really well, time after time:

Brushed and UV oiled. When you select a Engineered and UV oiled prefinished hardwood flooring , you can be certain you'll get to see the timber in all of its glory. No matter whether you opt for a prime grade wood or rustic, the end result will be a natural appearance that has the bonus of being shielded from potential sun damage thanks to the UV filter in the finish. You'll find that our range of brushed and UV Engineered engineered timber flooring here.

If you are thinking over if website completed or prefinished hardwood floors will work best for you personally and are fighting to pick, why don't you get in contact? At Catford Floor Sanding We've got years of experience in the timber flooring industry and are happy to assist you in any way we could.